Online Skipper Course
We took Neil's top 35 lessons that he had written over the last 20 years, then we set up the perfect environment for delivering each one and turned them into video tutorials within these 5 modules.

What's brilliant about this course, is that we can now let your interests direct your learning. You can keep learning in bite-sized lessons when you have time to focus on a particular skill.
$50 per module (approximately 1.5 hours to complete a module)
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VHF Radio Course
On completion of the course, you will have the opportunity to complete an exam and get your VHF Radio Licence. This will also allow you to apply for an MMSI number for your vessel. 
$135 (approximately 4 hours to complete)
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Essential Navigation & Seamanship Course
Introduction to the basic concepts of inshore navigation and safety in an easy to understand and enjoyable online format.
$220 (approximately 8 hours to complete)
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Day Skipper Shorebased

This course will give you the skills to confidently read and interpret charts, weather and tides in both the Northern and Southern ​Hemispheres​​​​​​. It provides a fantastic base of knowledge for taking your boat from Sydney along the east coast of Australia.​​​​​​​
$650 (approximately 40 hours to complete)

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Beyond the East Coast Workshop
Man Overboard Masterclass
BESPOKE TRAINING (Our specialty)
My Skipper Course
These four hour training sessions are bespoke to achieving your goals.
This is a 100% personalised experience, either one-to-one or with your friends and family.
Choose your own adventure. Use our structured training to achieve your boating dreams.
Schedule and pay for 1 lesson at a time to allow you to implement and review your skills between lessons 

Whether you are a future Sydney Adventurer, East Coast Explorer or Blue Water Skipper, this is the skipper course for you! Develop a very solid foundation in sailing, power handling, safety & learning your boat.

$950 per 4 hour lesson
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International Certificate of Competence (I.C.C.)
Join us for a day where we conduct an I.C.C. assessment, on either your boat or ours. 
$950 on your boat / $1200 on our boat (4 hour assessment)
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Powerboat Courses
Join us for a day on the water and complete your powerboat certificate to get your boat licence!
$395pp (4 hours of training and ongoing assessment)
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Improve your skills, increase your safety and use your boat more!
Join us to receive complimentary fortnightly training videos 
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