ABB Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Welcome to Above & Beyond Boating Pty Ltd (ABB), please take the time to read through our terms and conditions and raise any questions you may have. We aim to ensure that all elements of our training programs are transparent, reasonable and understood. If you have any questions please let us know so we can go over them prior to commencing work. If you have read and understood our terms and conditions, please sign and return prior to the commencement of our agreed start date.


All vessels must carry their own fully comprehensive insurance and comply with the relevant Maritime Laws for equipment, licenses etc. We are always happy to provide help and advice for you to become compliant but cannot accept responsibility for this. ABB coaches, skippers and engineers carry professional indemnity and public liability insurance but are not the Master of the vessel whilst the owner or the owner’s representative is on board the vessel. It is understood that any damage incurred to the vessel or by the vessel is to be covered by the vessels fully comprehensive hull insurance and is not covered by the ABB business liability insurance.

One person must be the nominated point of contact for instructions to ABB and specified in the space provided at the end of this document. All changes to this must be made in writing.




Training will be provided by an experienced, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and safe coach. They will always provide a briefing to ensure clarity and understanding of all material. Your coach will provide a variety of exercises that you can practice with or without them present. A structured briefing and debriefing is an important part of the learning process and needs to be factored in to the session timing.


At the point of booking a training program we will suggest the most suitable coach, from our team, to help you achieve your goals. You will be given the opportunity to meet your coach prior to your first session, so you can ensure that they meet your expectations.

Please note that all coaches provided by ABB have entered into a contract prohibiting boating with any ABB clients, outside of ABB contracted arrangements. Lasting for a period 18 months from the last contracted training session. Exceptions to this may be discussed by prior arrangement and need to be agreed in writing by ABB and all other relevant parties. We respectfully ask that you help everyone work together by never approaching them directly to breach this agreement.

ABB is not responsible for any boats costs such as fuel, mooring fees or safety equipment required during training.

Cancellation of training needs to be agreed in writing a full seven days prior to a training day. Training sessions will be automatically credited and rescheduled to another date, in the event of; true wind speeds being in excess of 25 knots; heavy rain (greater than 4mm per hour); fog (less than 1000m visibility); or severe weather warnings.

No booking is confirmed until payment has been made in full.

Training sessions of more than 8 hours will need to be provisioned for the duration of the passage including any stopovers. If, for any reason, the boat needs to be left somewhere other than the starting port, then transport needs to be paid for or provided to get the coach back to the starting point. This will be done in the most cost effective manner and agreed on a case-by-case basis depending on the voyage being under taken.

We want you to learn, be safe and have fun. We have aimed to create terms and conditions, which allow us to operate a commercial business whilst still being reasonable. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

The invoice for all monthly programs will be sent on the 28th of the month. All invoices carry strict seven-day payment terms. Payment is via direct transfer. All materials provided remain the property of ABB until invoices have been paid in full.


We strive to make a transparent, collaborative and hassle free experience. If you would like to discuss or review any of the above points please get in contact.


Welcome to ABB, we are really looking forward to working with you.


Kind regards




Neil Driscoll



Above and Beyond Boating Pty Ltd





Defined Terms


Above and Beyond Boating Pty Ltd is a registered Australian Company, ACN 11167076922.


Owner means the person(s) or entity to which the vessel is registered


Severe weather warnings as defined by the Bureau of Meteorology


Point of contact means the person designated at the commencement of the agreement to give instruction and receive updates from ABB. Having one sole point of contact agreed avoids confusion and conflicting instructions.


Provisioned means appropriate food and water, first aid and safety equipment.