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About Us

Above and Beyond Boating was founded in 2011 to support Sydney-based boat owners to go beyond the basics of boat handling and sailing. They teach the wider skills needed to confidently and safely skipper their boats.

We have worked with thousands of boat owners assisting them achieving a wide range of boating dreams.

One of the Above and Beyond Boating philosophies is to assist our customers to step outside of their nautical comfort zones and ensure that they achieve the goals they dreamed of when they purchased the boat.

We bring the skills and experience of world-class trainers straight to your vessel.

We love boats, and so do our clients. When you partner with Above & Beyond Boating we take personal care of you and your crew in a personalised, flexible and safe environment.

Once you recognise our team and uniform you will start noticing us on sailing yachts, catamarans and motor cruisers all over Sydney. We don’t leave a flag flying on people’s boats but you can always see when we were involved because the person helming is smiling and the boat is being used regularly. If you want fantastic service, whilst benefiting from world class personalised training, that leaves you confident and competent to achieve your boating dreams and goals then you are in the right place. 

We often find that deciding to get training for many people can be as big a decision as deciding to get a boat, please feel free to pick up the phone or send an email and see if we can help you. 

Here's how it started...
Neil's Story
My adventures on boats started years ago on Hayling Island on the south coast of England. We always had boats in the family and on my 3rd birthday I was given my first boat; Puddle Duck. I’ve been playing on boats since I was a little kid, and have been working on them since I was a teenager. I have broad experience in the marine industry that includes delivering professional race programs to paying customers in the Fastnet Race, Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, Cowes Week, Sydney Regatta, Pittwater to Coffs and much more. I have had 16 consecutive years of being a full-time marine trainer, specialising in customising training for my entire career.

Safety and seamanship have always been top priorities, whilst running the safety for up to 300 dinghies crossing bars in breaking seas, owning and managing sailing and power boat schools, preparing couples and families to safely cross horizons or sail around the world and even in more recent years when selecting the best products on the market for our online safety store.

Through the years, I have had experience of helping people who were often in quite serious predicaments that usually could have been avoided. It showed me how important seamanship and preventative maintenance is. It was then that I first started teaching people how to keep safe on the water. I am one of the only dual qualified RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Instructors for Motor Cruisers and Sailing in Australia. I have sailed around 100,000 nautical miles with over 65,000 as skipper, so far, with the longest legs being East and West crossings of the North Atlantic.
Neil's Qualifications
  • Principal of our RYA Training Centre
  • BA (Hons) Water Sports Studies and Management
  • Ocean Yachtmaster Instructor Sail and Power (RYA / M.C.A)
  • Radio trainer and O.M.C. Examiner
  • Sea Survival Instructor
  • Marine Engine Driver 3 
  • Master Class 5 unrestricted