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About Us

We are passionate and dedicated to making sure you achieve your boating dreams. The founding principal of the business and all of our training programs is to ensure that you use your boat as often and safely as possible.

Neil has been teaching the RYA and Australian Sailing programs throughout his career and recognised that boat owners can always benefit from structured training in a professional environment.

The programs we have created and deliver enable you to choose your own pathway, whether your training is one to one or with your friends and family, choose dates to fit your schedule and have world-class coaching on your boat.

Once you recognise our team and uniform you will start noticing us on sailing yachts, catamarans and motor cruisers all over Sydney. We don’t leave a flag flying on people’s boats but you can always see when we were involved because the person helming is smiling and the boat is being used regularly. 

The Rules of Above & Beyond Boating...
Here's how it started...
Neil's Story
My adventures on boats started years ago on Hayling Island, just off of the south coast of England. We always had boats in the family and on my 3rd birthday I was given my first boat; Puddle Duck. I’ve been playing on boats since I was a little kid, and have been working on them since I was a teenager.

As part of my degree in Watersports Studies and Management we looked at the viability of operating in every country with a coastline and I came up with a short list of 5 countries (Australia was the top of my list). I had already owned and run my own sailing and power boating school on Hayling Island throughout my studies and was ready for a few more days of sunshine each year than the UK was delivering. In 2006 I closed the school in England and made Sydney my new home.

When I moved to Sydney I was a Yachtmaster Instructor with around 10,000 logged Nautical Miles and was keen to take my skippering to another level. Over the next 5 years I averaged 100 days and 15,000 Nautical Miles each year skippering offshore. Whilst collecting experiences, qualifications and travelling the world it became clear that creating and delivering training programs specifically for boat owners was the next step. In 2011 Above and Beyond Boating was born and our training has ensured that 1000's of people have achieved their boating dreams.

Neil's Qualifications
  • Principal of our RYA Training Centre
  • BA (Hons) Water Sports Studies and Management
  • Ocean Yachtmaster Instructor Sail and Power (RYA / M.C.A)
  • Australian Sailing Safety Equipment Auditor
  • Radio trainer and O.M.C. Examiner
  • Sea Survival Instructor
  • Marine Engine Driver 3 
  • Master Class 5 unrestricted