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Boating Insights Podcast
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Putting your boat to work!
Could you make money out of chartering your boat or entering a syndicate? We weigh up the options that are out there for you to make your boat more economically viable.
Choosing the right sail plan for your boat
It's easy to get sucked into getting everything you possibly might need to make your boat go faster, but keeping your sail plan simple and suitable to you will make your boat much easier to handle.
Sail better, race faster!
In this episode, we have some simple tips to help you get racing quicker on the race track!
Do you need boating qualifications?
Getting qualified may be a requirement for you in some situations, but in others, it's all about the learnings and experience that the qualification may present. In this episode, Neil has some tips to make sure that you are gaining the correct qualifications (if you need any) and that the learning is relevant for you!
Choosing a boat
Which boat should I buy? This is something we get asked a lot and help people with to get them going on adventures! This episode features some of Neil's top tips for choosing the best boat for you.
First Aid on a boat
In this episode, Neil talks about some considerations to first aid when you're on a boat. This doesn't just involve making sure you have a first aid kit on board and the people are qualified to deal with first aid, but also ensuring there are enough people on board that can then call for help and manage an emergency.
Keep learning your boat's systems
This episode features some advice about how to go about learning some of the systems on your boat that you might not know. Being comfortable with boat maintenance is important, and if you find something is out of your comfort zone then you should look at bringing someone on board to help you. Start off with looking at the more simple systems on your boat.The Online Skipper Course can help you manage your boat maintenance.
When things go wrong on a boat
STOP - THINK - ACT!There are plenty of things that could potentially go wrong on a boat, which is why you need to have a process to deal with things not going to plan.
Your Skippering Style
Where are you now with your skippering abilities and where would you like to be in 5 years time? In this episode, we've got some tips for you to plan your skill development and be a better skipper!
The functions you may be missing on your chart plotter
In this episode, Neil looks at some of the capabilities of a Chart Plotter that you might not know about or never used! Get to know your equipment and use what you have.
The East Australian Current!
In this episode, Neil discusses some things to remember when sailing along the east coast and navigating the East Australian Current!
Preparing Food On A Boat
Preparing food on a boat can be challenging, but enjoying great food while sailing on longer trips can help lift your crew's morale! Some of these tips will help you make food preparation easier on your boat.
Watch Systems
In this episode, Neil gives some of his top tips for setting watch systems and managing crew fatigue on your boat.
Unknown Locations
Entering new and unknown locations can be an amazing experience for boat owners! In this episode, Neil runs through his preparation checklist for entering unknown locations.
Man Overboard!
Man Overboard is always a relevant topic to address on your boat. In this episode, Neil gives some tips for preventing, spotting, and recovering an M.O.B.
Keeping Up To Date with Safety Equipment On Your Boat
When was the last time you pulled out your Safety Equipment and used it? or tried it?Here are some simple tips to get you familiar with the safety equipment either on your boat or on a boat you sail on.
Battery Management
In this episode, we've got some simple tips for managing your battery consumption and what you can do to save power onboard.
Using Your Emergency Steering - Use What You Have
In this episode, Neil follows our use what you have campaign and focuses on the equipment and plan for using your emergency steering system.
Heaving To!
Continually develop your skills! In this episode, Neil Driscoll delivers some of his tips to help you feel comfortable while stopping your boat under sail.
Downwind Sailing
Keep it simple skipper! In this episode, Neil gives some helpful advice to set up your boat correctly for balanced and stable downwind sailing.
Look after your boat and she'll look after you! In this episode, we will help you get your head around simple engine checks, diagnostics & scheduled maintenance.
Inducting Crew On Your Boat
Inducting new people on your boat should be basic safety for your adventures. In this episode, we are discussing the best ways to induct new crew onto your boat and how to break down your briefings to keep them simple and easy to understand.
The Perfect Time On Your Boat...
Show notes
In this episode, we'll help you break down your boating dreams so you can take the steps to enjoy the perfect time on your boat.
Busting Common Boating Myths
Show notes
In this episode, we'll take you through how to avoid the 5 key myths that stop boat owners from casting off and achieve their boating dreams.
Listen to our latest Boating Insights podcast, and don't forget to subscribe on your favourite podcast platform so you don't miss an episode!

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