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Boating Insights Podcast
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Self Sufficiency For Blue Water Cruising
When you are setting up your boat for bluewater cruising it's important to balance the investment in self-sufficiency and the ability to remain off of the grid with what is going to work for you to be able to maintain and afford. This episode of Boating Insights explores some of the key areas to think about in terms of making your boat and the crew self-sufficient to remain off the grid whilst exploring the world.
Managing Perishable Knowledge And Preventing Skill Fade
This episode looks at managing perishable knowledge and preventing skill fade. Through the episode Neil provides ideas and strategies for managing your practical and communication skills, understanding your own vessels equipment and using Logbook to set up a maintenance program for your skills. Remember to tag @aabboating when you are practising your skills for an opportunity to win a complimentary Online Skipper Course.
Sustainable Boating
Kate Fortnam is the Campaign Manager for The Green Blue a joint environmental program between the RYA and British Marine. In this episode, we catch up with Kate to get some advice on how to create an awareness of the environment around you and how to reduce any impact from your boating activities.
Day Skipper & International Certificate of Competence (ICC)
The International Certificate of Competence (I.C.C.) is often referred to as the Mediterranean Boat Licence. Unlike an Australian Boat Licence, yachts are not exempt from this and it is a requirement even for privately owned vessels.
For very experienced skippers, the I.C.C. can be completed as a one-day assessment. Candidates can be assessed on their own or with another person. A Day Skipper Practical Course is the pathway for skippers who are seeking training prior to gaining an I.C.C.
Once you pass either the I.C.C. assessment or a Day Skipper Practical Course, you apply to the RYA for the I.C.C. certificate. The I.C.C. from the RYA is valid for 5 years. You do not have to complete the test after this time, all you are required to do is renew the licence by paying a fee direct to the RYA.
International Certificate of Competence
RYA Day Skipper Shorebased
Assess your skills: Click Here
Learning Your Engine System
Having the confidence to identify and manage issues with your boat's engines, is an important step for preparing for bluewater adventures. This episode helps you identify where your current skill set is and what steps you could take to develop your skills in this area.
Identifying & Avoiding Vessels At Night
In this episode Neil takes you through some practical ideas, to help you become proficient at identifying vessels at night, making yourself visible and becoming comfortable cruising offshore and in harbours during darkness.
Shortening Your Sails When Sailing Downwind
If things get a bit serious on deck, how will you wish you had spent the previous 5 minutes? This podcast explores the practical implementation of becoming proficient at shortening your sails and balancing your monohull or multihull whilst on downwind passages.
Extend The Life of Your Sails & Canvas
In this episode Neil is joined by Mark Hunter the owner of Vacuwash Sail and Canvas Cleaning to share some insights into looking after sails and keeping them clean and free of mould.
Sea Survival Training
The Safety & Sea Survival Course is an essential learning program for anyone who takes to the sea. The course delivers up to date information and current techniques for survival situations including crew overboard emergencies and abandoning ship. Above & Beyond Boating have been recognised by Australian Sailing to provide an e-Learning course to accompany the in-water training exercises.In this episode, Neil shares his insights into how the new training environment is helping racers and cruisers learn these potentially life-saving skills.
Understanding Insurance For Blue Water Cruising
We speak to Rob Stevens, from TopSail insurance, to find out what insurance considerations you should think about before heading off on Blue Water Sailing adventures. Rob also updates us on the situation with recreational boats being restricted with their movements around the world, and how insurance companies like Topsail are assisting individuals in their own circumstances.
Putting The 'Why' Into Weather Predictions
There is a considerable amount of resources available to boaters in this current day when it comes to sourcing accurate weather forecasts. With all of the various apps, websites and reports of weather predictions available, it can be very easy to lose understanding of why weather conditions change and what you should expect in specific conditions. Neil takes a look at how you can undertake a good analysis of weather predictions without taking too much time.
Taking Others On Your Boating Journey
In this episode, Neil discusses the benefits of progressing through your skippering journey with other people, whether they are regular crew members or close friends and family.
Tweaking and Modifying Your Boat
If you are looking to modify a setup on your boat whether it is from cruising to racing, or from short coastal adventures to longer offshore passages, then there are a few things to consider to make sure that your time changing things on your boat will be effective and not costly.
Which mainsail setup is best for you?
In this episode, we look at some of the different types of Mainsail setups on a boat that would be best suited for you if you are considering buying a new boat or changing your sail setup.
Understanding Everything You Have Onboard
An important part of boat ownership is checking your vessel's condition and ensuring the systems are working regularly. In this episode, we have some tips for putting some structure into the regular checks and understanding of your boat!
Master Your VHF Radio
In this episode, we have some tips on how you can learn more about using your VHF radio and feeling comfortable using it at all times.
Your boat's 'value add' to your lifestyle
How do you measure your boat ownership in numbers? In this special episode, Neil is joined by his father, who has many years of experience owning boats, to discuss how you can understand the value add that your boat has in your lifestyle.
The upskilling pop quiz
As you keep learning the various skills and knowledge for all aspects of owning and/or sailing a boat, it can be quite difficult to keep up with everything you've learnt. This short exercise will help you keep remembering the various aspects of your boat.
Master your mooring lines
Becoming competent with handling mooring lines will allow you to feel more confident docking your boat in different types of berths and marinas. Most permanent marina berths will have fixed mooring lines so you do not have to adjust every time you leave or arrive at the dock, but it is also good practice to use non-fixed lines to practice your mooring techniques if you are going to explore new destinations on your boat!
Turning In Confined Spaces
Manoeuvring a boat in a tight space is not an easy task, but with some practice and skills to pull it off, you will find that being able to turn in a confined space will advance the rest of your boat handling techniques.
Understand Your Bilge System 
How does your bilge system work and what would be the priority be to get water out of the boat?In this episode, we have some Bilge System tips for ongoing maintenance and usage on longer passages.
Top Tip for Marine Toilets
Marine toilets are not the most enjoyable aspect of boating, and quite often this leads to issues with maintenance and even crew seasickness. So in this episode, Neil has some tips for inducting crew in the correct use of the toilets and what you should think about for ongoing maintenance.
Expand your comfort zone
Taking your personal skills further is not always easy, which is why we created the 'Rules of ABB' to break down the steps to expand your comfort zone. In this episode, we've got some ideas to help you with each rule!
Getting kids into sailing
In this special interview, Neil is joined by Niall Powers to discuss some of the benefits of getting kids and young adults into sailing, and how to best approach the youth sailing years to keep them engaged whether it is racing or going on adventures while cruising.

Niall has worked with Above & Beyond Boating and has had experience introducing new kids and adults into sailing and power-boating since his own youth sailing years. In 2019, Niall was recognised by Australian Sailing as the NSW Instructor of the Year.
Should you join a sailing, boating or fishing club?
What are the benefits of joining a yacht club? Is it something that could add value to your boat ownership? In this podcast, we look at what you can get out of membership at a club.

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