Boat Maintenance on the Boating insights Podcast

Learn about boat maintenance on the Boating Insights Podcast

Marine Electronics

This episode looks at some of the key need-to-know features of your marine electrical system. We go through the options of how you generate and store power on board, understanding the amount of power being used at all times, and how to avoid accidentally wasting power or avoiding being caught out by the batteries being run flat and not available when you need them.

Covers and Canvas

The covers on a boat are usually there to protect the boat, crew or both. Having covers set up correctly and making them simple to use will save money on maintenance and simplify the setup and pack up time whilst providing excellent protection. This episode takes you through the steps you can take to look after existing covers, adapt them to make them easier to use, and consider critical areas when purchasing new or replacement covers for your boat.

Avoiding Engine Failure

 When you turn the key and nothing happens, depending on a number of factors, the next few minutes could have a huge impact on the outcome of your scenario. One of the most common errors is to rush straight into fixing the issue without taking stock of the current situation, where you are, the traffic around you, managing your immediate hazards such as lee shores, rocks, bar crossings, breaking waves, shallow water etc. This podcast helps you factor in potential engine failure into your passage planning from local adventuring right through to blue water skippering.

Learning Your Engine System

Having the confidence to identify and manage issues with your boat's engines, is an important step for preparing for bluewater adventures. This episode helps you identify where your current skill set is and what steps you could take to develop your skills in this area.

Top Tips For Marine Toilets

Marine toilets are not the most enjoyable aspect of boating, and quite often this leads to issues with maintenance and even crew seasickness. So in this episode, Neil has some tips for inducting crew in the correct use of the toilets and what you should think about for ongoing maintenance.

Understanding Your Bilge System 

How does your bilge system work and what would be the priority be to get water out of the boat? In this episode, we have some Bilge System tips for ongoing maintenance and usage on longer passages.

Tweaking and Modifying a Boat

If you are looking to modify a setup on your boat whether it is from cruising to racing, or from short coastal adventures to longer offshore passages, then there are a few things to consider to make sure that your time changing things on your boat will be effective and not costly.

Through hull fittings

Do you know the where the through hull fittings are on your boat? Do you know how to check fittings for wear and replacement? In this episode, Neil has some tips for getting to know your through hull fitting layout on your boat for simple maintenance checks and responding to emergency flooding situations.

Preventative Maintenance

An important part of boat ownership is checking your vessel's condition and ensuring the systems are working regularly. In this episode, we have some tips for putting some structure into the regular checks and understanding of your boat!

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