How-to Guides on the Boating Insights Podcast

How-To Guides on the Boating Insights Podcast

5 Ideas to Simplify Your Boat

Finding ways to make your boat safer and easier to use should always have a positive impact on how often and safely you can use your boat. This episode takes you through some of the options you could use to help keep the boat running smoothly and simplify your job of skippering and maintaining a boat.

First Year of Boat Ownership

The first year of boat ownership can be both daunting and exciting. This episode looks at some of the key ways to avoid making potentially expensive mistakes in your first year and how to keep making sure you are getting out on the water and having fun. Enjoy!

I wish I knew then what I know now

 In this episode of "Boating Insights," we delve into the age-old saying, "I wish I knew then what I know now!" Join us as we uncover some hidden gems of boating – those parts of the boat you might not fully understand, items you've brought on board but never used, and essential knowledge for your crew in case the skipper is unavailable. We're here to demystify the secrets of your vessel, ensuring that your boating experience is enjoyable but also safe and informed.

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Identifying & Avoiding Vessels At Night

In this episode Neil takes you through some practical ideas, to help you become proficient at identifying vessels at night, making yourself visible and becoming comfortable cruising offshore and in harbours during darkness.

The path to your ultimate boating experience

In this Boating Insights episode, we're sharing practical tips inspired by elite-level sports to help you unlock the path to your ultimate boating experience. We keep it straightforward, breaking down individual skills you can easily apply to all your boating activities—no unnecessary frills, just solid advice.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Taking your personal skills further is not always easy, which is why we created the 'Rules of ABB' to break down the steps to expand your comfort zone. In this episode, we've got some ideas to help you with each rule!

Taking a break during a passage

How can you factor in taking a break for your passage as a local adventurer, coastal explorer or blue water skipper? This episode looks at some of the ideas you can build into your passages now so that if you need to help manage fatigue, seasickness or a maintenance issue at sea you have some transferable skills to draw on.

Turning In Confined Spaces

Manoeuvring a boat in a tight space is not an easy task, but with some practice and skills to pull it off, you will find that being able to turn in a confined space will advance the rest of your boat handling techniques.

Keep It Simple Skipper

This month's podcasts looks at the range of courses and services we have at Above and Beyond Boating to help achieve your next boating goal. The episode looks at the Log Book, skills and vessels management system, ABB TV and the range of E-Learning courses we have ready to support you to take your next steps.

The Ocean Is The Language Of Us All

The ocean is the language of us all, evoking a sense of universal connection and shared passion, especially for those who love boating, sailing, or any water-based activities. It represents a vast, communal playground that transcends individual experiences and cultures. The sea speaks a shared language through the winds, waves, and tides, uniting people in their love for water and exploration.

In this episode, we explore how you can continue to explore, learn about, and respect the marine environment. It's crucial to recognise the ocean's role not just as a playground but as a vital, life-sustaining part of our planet. We'll share practical tips to help you minimise your impact while maximising your enjoyment of the ocean, ensuring its health and preservation for future generations.

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