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Weather Models and Observations

Nick Olson joins us from Predict Wind for this episode of Boating Insights. Predict Wind is a leading weather forecasting and routing company that provides accurate and reliable weather information for boaters. The episode focuses on the following:

  • Different models and accessing local weather data
  • The interplay between routing and observations
  • Using options like Iridium with GRIB files
  • Use of currents in routing models

To learn more about our weather and seamanship training courses, click here.

Essential MMSI Number Information

Having an MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) programmed into your AIS (Automatic Identification System) or marine radio is essential for:

  • Safety and Identification: The MMSI serves as a unique identifier for your vessel, allowing other vessels and maritime authorities to identify your boat quickly. In emergencies, the MMSI helps rescue services locate and assist you quickly.
  • AIS Communication: AIS transponders use the MMSI to exchange crucial information with other vessels and shore stations. This communication enhances situational awareness, especially in busy waterways or areas with high maritime traffic.

Our guest expert for this episode of Boating Insights is Linda Berryman, whose role at AMSA involves providing specialist advice on distress alerting, communication and safety systems.

You can apply for an Australian MMSI number by completing an MMSI application online at ⁠⁠

⁠Click here to learn more about radio courses and licencing options >

Emergency Beacons

 For this episode, we are joined by Linda Berryman, whose role at AMSA involves providing specialist advice on distress alerting, communication and safety systems, of which she has over 20 years of experience.

Linda joins us to discuss some of the huge developments that have just taken place for marine safety, providing the boating community with some of the greatest technological advancements in over 30 years.

  •   The Search and Rescue maritime desk can be contacted on a 24-hour helpline 1800 641 792 or 02 6230 6811. Also, consider using your marine radio to communicate with the Coastguard, Water police, or nearby vessels and communicate your nature of distress and the assistance required.
  •  406 MHz distress beacons must be compliant with the Australian and New Zealand standard, AS/NZS 4280.1 (EPIRB) or AS/NZS 4280.2 (PLB), and programmed with the Australian country code ‘503’ to be registered in Australia > list of beacons currently available to be registered in Australia and New Zealand⁠.    

Liveaboard Cruising

This episode of Boating Insights will help you to prepare for the voyage of a lifetime. John Hembrow joins Neil to share some of his extensive knowledge. John has been full-time cruising since 2009, created the Down Under Rally in 2014, and has led a range of yacht rallies in the SW Pacific and Australia since then. 

Ocean Sailing

In this episode, we catch up with David Hows, the founder of Ocean Sailing Expeditions and the Ocean Sailing Podcast. David's a self-confessed sailing addict who loves introducing new people to his love of all things - sailing. David shares fantastic information about the options for gaining offshore sailing experience, training crews for emergency procedures at sea, buying boats overseas and some of his favourite destinations, which you can only reach by boat.

The Sea, Safety and Survival Course David recommends for all participants joining them for offshore passages is on this link.

Learn more about Ocean Sailing Expeditions and the Ocean Sailing Podcast - Click Here

The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

In this episode, Neil is joined by John Naylor to look at the steps involved and options available as a skipper or crew member to get involved in offshore yacht racing and in particular how you could take part in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

Sustainable Boating

Kate Fortnam is the Campaign Manager for The Green Blue a joint environmental program between the RYA and British Marine. In this episode, we catch up with Kate to get some advice on how to create an awareness of the environment around you and how to reduce any impact from your boating activities.

Covers & Canvas

In this episode Neil is joined by Mark Hunter the owner of Vacuwash Sail and Canvas Cleaning to share some insights into looking after canvas in a marine environment and keeping free of mould.

Blue Water Cruising Insurance

We speak to Rob Stevens, from TopSail insurance, to find out what insurance considerations you should think about before heading off on Blue Water Sailing adventures. Rob also updates us on the situation with recreational boats being restricted with their movements around the world, and how insurance companies like Topsail are assisting individuals in their own circumstances.

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