Navigation and Safety on the Boating Insights Podcast

Learn about navigation and boating safety on the Boating Insights Podcast

Make Tide Your Friend

For all coastal boating adventures, you will likely need an understanding of the tide. This Boating Insights video podcast episode takes you through some essential considerations, to help make tide your friend.

The episode begins by looking at the potential impact of the tide on a passage plan.

The tidal situation can impact the flow and depths, or both. There are other localised impacts, such as on/offshore winds, heavy rain and flooding. You must know how to check and interpret how the range of the tide/tides compares with the mean spring range in your location.

It is also essential to confirm the quality of information on apps and whether it relates to verified information from official sources. Finally, in case of grounding, always know if the tide is flooding or ebbing.

Dynamic Passage Planning

When you plan a passage, it's crucial to ensure you set up your plan to be dynamic so you can easily adjust for updated departure and arrival times. This episode takes you through how to manage avoidable slippage with your departure timing and the considerations for your ETA changing while you are on a passage.

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Emergency Position Reporting

 When you are out at sea, many scenarios can arise where you may need to know and transmit your position. You may also need to be able to receive, record and navigate a position to assist.

This podcast examines your options for getting a quick and accurate position. We also provide some ideas to help upskill people who are boating with you to assist with this to keep you free to manage the boat and any other situations that need your attention at that time.

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Electronic Navigation Skills

This podcast is here to preserve and enhance your navigation skills at sea while embracing the potential of electronic navigation systems. In this episode, 'Electronic Navigation Skills,' we delve deep into crucial techniques for seamlessly uniting electronic navigation tools with traditional seamanship expertise. Listen now to discover the secrets of mastering both the old and the new in maritime navigation.

Digital First Navigation

This episode of Boating Insights explores the shift from paper to digital navigation, highlighting recent announcements by the UK and Australian Hydrographic Offices. Join us as we discuss the evolving trends in eNavigation and the impact on maritime practices. From the convenience of digital systems to the enduring relevance of paper charts, we'll take you through the challenges and opportunities of this transition.

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Finding Your Location

The vessel navigation forms a huge part of any trip planning and implementation. In this episode we look at how you can use electronic and paper charts, tools and guides to appraise, plan, execute and monitor whilst your next adventure.

Pilotage Plans

When you head out on a coastal passage there will need to be a junction point built into your passage plan, where the boat and crew adjust into the pilotage mode to prepare to enter the harbour, river or anchorage you are heading to. This episode looks at some of the factors to consider for selecting a junction point, what the actions you would need to take in the lead up to arriving there, as you arrive and what your plan is if things don't unfold as you are expecting as you arrive at the junction.This episode is ideal for local adventurers, coastal explorers and blue water skippers.

Getting Help At Sea

Most vessels carry a range of safety equipment, either through the personal choice of the skipper or due to the requirements they need to comply with within the areas they are boating. This episode helps you to understand when a marine radio, EPIRB, PLB, flare, V sheet, mobile phone or combination of these might be the most appropriate tool or tools to use for different situations you might have to manage over time.

Entering Unfamiliar Locations

Entering new and unknown locations can be an amazing experience for boat owners! In this episode, Neil runs through his preparation checklist for entering unknown locations.

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