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Shortening Your Sails When Sailing Downwind

Finding ways to make your boat safer and easier to use should always have a positive impact on how often and safely you can use your boat. This episode takes you through some of the options you could use to help keep the boat running smoothly and simplify your job of skippering and maintaining a boat.

Which Mainsail Setup Works Best?

In this episode, we look at some of the different types of Mainsail setups on a boat that would be best suited for you if you are considering buying a new boat or changing your sail setup.

Sail Better & Race Faster!

 In this episode, we'll help you break down your boating dreams so you can take the steps to enjoy the perfect time on your boat.

Heaving To on a Sailing Boat!

Continually develop your skills! In this episode, Neil delivers some of his tips to help you feel comfortable while stopping your boat under sail.

Choosing a Sailing Boat

Which boat should I buy? This is something we get asked a lot and help people with to get them going on adventures! This episode features some of Neil's top tips for choosing the best boat for you.

Upskilling Your Crew

As you keep learning the various skills and knowledge for all aspects of owning and/or sailing a boat, it can be quite difficult to keep up with everything you've learnt. This short exercise will help you keep remembering the various aspects of your boat.

Downwind Sailing Tips

Keep it simple skipper! In this episode, Neil gives some helpful advice to set up your boat correctly for balanced and stable downwind sailing.

Setting Up A Sail Plan

It's easy to get sucked into getting everything you possibly might need to make your boat go faster, but keeping your sail plan simple and suitable to you will make your boat much easier to handle.

Set Yourself Up For a Successful Passage

Setting up your boat, your crew and yourself for successful passage making requires planning and an ongoing evaluation of what went well and where the areas to improve are. In this episode, Neil takes you through some of the main areas that you can help yourself prepare as a skipper or crew member. The podcast looks specifically at the consideration you might make regarding navigation, boat checks nutrition, hygiene and development.

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