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Discover the latest technology and equipment on the Boating Insights Podcast

Toys For Your Boat

For many boats, toys are a key part of the activity. This episode takes you through some of Neil's favourite boating toys, for swimming, fishing, towing, snorkelling, and paddle boarding, with tips on how to avoid your boat becoming overrun with toys and keeping everyone safe whilst you're using them.

Setting up and using an EPIRB

Emergency Position Indication Radio Beacons which are usually referred to as EPIRBs play a huge role in the safety of a modern vessel. This episode looks at if you need to carry one, the differences between GPS and non GPS enabled models, considerations for your registration and why it's important, what the differences and similarities between a Personal Locator Beacons (PLB) and an EPIRB are, stowage and the adaptations for your boat set up if you are single or short-handed.

Communication Equipment: Prepared for When You Need It


In the boating world, preparedness is paramount. This episode provides valuable insights into optimising communication equipment, such as distress beacons, DSC-equipped radios, and satellite phones.

Discover essential tips and tricks for using these fantastic devices effectively — Prioritise safety for you and your crew by being better equipped to handle emergencies at sea.

Listen now and enhance your seamanship toolkit with this vital knowledge.

Sea Berths

Getting a good sleep at sea can make a huge difference to how enjoyable and safe a multi-day passage will be. In this episode, we look at the bigger picture for your sea berths including setting them up. This includes the standing orders for when to wake up the skipper and how to convert your boat from a liveaboard cruising configuration to being in an on passage configuration with sea berths set up properly.

Using Your Emergency Steering

In this episode, Neil follows our use what you have campaign and focuses on the equipment and plan for using your emergency steering system.

First Aid on a Boat

In this episode, Neil talks about some considerations to first aid when you're on a boat. This doesn't just involve making sure you have a first aid kit on board and the people are qualified to deal with first aid, but also ensuring there are enough people on board that can then call for help and manage an emergency.

Master Your VHF Radio

In this episode, we have some tips on how you can learn more about using your VHF radio and feeling comfortable using it at all times.

Boarding Options For Your Boating

When boarding a boat from the land, a dinghy or the water, there are many details you can adjust to make it easier and safer for all involved. As part of this episode, we look at some ideas if you accidentally find yourself in the water whilst boarding to help make sure you can get back on board or onto the dock again.

Your Boating Kit Bag

In this episode, Neil takes you through the essential items he will always pack into a boating kit bag. Depending on the season, activity and location you are boating in, you will want to adjust what you carry, but this list will help to get you thinking about what you already take and see if there are any tweaks to your list that you can make.

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