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Tips and tricks from the experts on the Boating Insights Podcast

Turning a problem into an opportunity

Finding ways to make your boat safer and easier to use should always have a positive impact on how often and safely you can use your boat. This episode takes you through some of the options you could use to help keep the boat running smoothly and simplify your job of skippering and maintaining a boat.

Seamanship Toolbox

This episode helps you build the skills in the seamanship toolbox for everyone onboard. Learn how to identify the most useful areas to develop for yourself and your crew and plan simple, engaging and effective training sessions to try when you are next out on the water.

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The Perfect Time On Your Boat

 In this episode, we'll help you break down your boating dreams so you can take the steps to enjoy the perfect time on your boat.

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Busting Common Boating Myths

In this episode, we'll take you through how to avoid the five key myths that stop boat owners from casting off and achieve their boating dreams.

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Crisis Management at Sea

It can often feel that there is no time to think things through under pressure. Every time you guess without taking the time to think through the next steps, you have a 50% chance of hopefully making the right decision. You also have a 50% chance of making the wrong decision.

One wrong decision can have a knock-on effect quite rapidly at times. Always try to take the time to think steps through and find a way to stabilise a situation, so these things are not getting worse. This will hopefully allow you some time to come up with a plan and brief your crew on what is required of them.

This is a major benefit of training so that you gradually increase the number of experiences you have skippered and the equipment you have used. It will help you to grow a collection of transferable skills that you can draw on during an emergency at sea. Hopefully, these experiences help you avoid even finding yourself in an emergency at sea.

Qualifications for Teenagers and Young Adults

When you are looking at qualifications and training for young people in the marine environment, the list can quickly become quite extensive and confusing. In this episode, we help you understand how to evaluate what courses may be applicable and useful for a teenager and young adult, that will be enjoyable to study, useful, achievable, internationally recognised and explain which qualifications will not expire.

Marina Berth or Swing Mooring Which Is Best For You?

This episode offers some insights into the wider decisions that can lead into making choosing where to keep a boat and how that develops over time. Some of the considerations we look at include, the first year of boat ownership, the maintenance, costs, insurance, ease of use and the factors which can affect your skill progression.

Marine Weather Forecasting

There are a considerable amount of resources available to boaters in this current day when it comes to sourcing accurate weather forecasts. With all of the various apps, websites and reports of weather predictions available, it can be very easy to lose understanding of why weather conditions change and what you should expect in specific conditions. Neil takes a look at how you can undertake a good analysis of weather predictions without taking too much time.

Safety Equipment

When was the last time you pulled out your Safety Equipment and used it? or tried it?Here are some simple tips to get you familiar with the safety equipment either on your boat or on a boat you sail on.

Improve your skills, increase your safety, and use your boat more!

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