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Communication onboard your boat...

Fantastic communication is the corner stone of all successful, safe and fun boating. As part of our training we always work on this and here we share some tips you can implement on your boat straight away.

Clear and concise communication with your crew is the key for a successful day on the water. In this video, Neil explains some simple methods for communicating effectively with your crew and how you can constantly improve your own communication skills as a skipper.

Make sure you don't miss:

1:00 –  Communicating your plan...
1:15 – Using hand signals...
1:50 –  Evaluating your communication
2:15  – How to give constructive feedback to your crew

Chrissy and her family were loving their local adventures so much that they decided to upgrade to a larger boat. Once the size of the boat increased, the handling of the boat and need for the skipper and crew to be able to safely maneuverer in busy waterways became even more important. The flexibility of the Online Skipper Course as an e-learning course where she could study after work and practice the skills on their boat as a weekend  made it a perfect solution.
"I completed the Online Skipper Course and found the content excellent and very comprehensive. It gave me a great foundation of knowledge and has provided me with more confidence out on the water."
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Chrissy Martin
Online Skipper Course