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First Year Of Boat Ownership

Look after your boat and she'll look after you

The first year of boat ownership can be both daunting and exciting. This episode looks at some of the key ways to avoid making potentially expensive mistakes in your first year and how to keep making sure you are getting out on the water and having fun. Enjoy!

Take the time to learn some introductory passage planning and making skills, such as the Essential Navigation and Seamanship and the Online Skipper Course. Even for short day trips of a few hours, proper passage planning for the weather, safety, contingencies, communications, and navigation doesn’t need to be complicated. It will set you up nicely for your adventures, create an excellent foundation and set of transferable skills for your trips to become longer and more adventurous in time.

Watch the video podcast below.

Trevor enrolled in the Online Skipper Course to help prepare for skippering on a chartered vessel for a boating holiday. This course was the next step he took on the journey to owning a boat, which he is now doing and enjoying immensely.
"An online course you can take from home in your own time, no pressure!
The course material is easy to read and understand plus there is plenty of practice questions to fully prepare you.
The instructor is supportive all the way.
I was surprised how much I gained from this course!
Have thoroughly recommended aabb to others."
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Trevor Conyard
The Online Skipper Course provides mentoring along the journey of your boat ownership whether you have Blue Water Skippering experience, or you are just embarking on your first coastal  passages. If you're buying a boat, then this course will help you become familiar with handling your boat and performing basic maintenance. Overall, the course will teach you new techniques and skills irrespective of your experience. Participants have the ability to ask questions throughout the course, and the implementation questions at the end of each module ensures learning is immediately put into practice. 
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