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Flooding on a boat


The thought of a Flooding emergency on your boat is very unpleasant, which is why we are referring to one of our rules - look after your boat and she'll look after you!

Some of the considerations we discuss in this video include maintaining your through hull fittings and inspecting hatches to keep sea water out, and how you would remove water from your boat should you find yourself in a flooding situation. 

Emily and her husband Tom had been on boats for most of their lives. They purchased a boat to explore the Pacific Ocean as a family of 5. Throughout the planning stages and during the voyage there was always a major focus on safety. In the lead up to the trip Emily enrolled the in Safety & Sea Survival Course with Above & Beyond Boating. The family had a fantastic year exploring the Pacific Ocean.
"Neil runs fantastic training for cruisers and racers alike. His passion for safety at sea is evident and he espouses knowledge and shares his vast experience making the training relevant and experiential where possible. I would definitely recommend Neil and Above and Beyond Boating to all yachties."
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Emily McCutcheon
The Safety & Sea Survival Course is an essential learning program for anyone who takes to sea. The course delivers up to date information and current techniques for survival situations including crew overboard emergencies and abandoning ship. 
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