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Our mission is to help boat owners achieve their boating dreams, whilst using their boats as regularly and safely as possible.
Our training is perfect for sailors who have a boat they want to use more, are open to learning and developing their skills, are passionate about being on the water, and excited to become safer and more talented skippers.
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We specialise in providing blended learning for boat owners, and aspiring boat owners, with our personalised online and on water training. 
Improve your skills, increase your safety and use your boat more!
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About Us...
"Our mission is to develop boat owners to achieve their boating dreams, whilst using their boats as regularly and safely as possible"
Neil Driscoll, Founder & Lead Trainer
"I can honestly say that I would not be using or enjoying my yacht Llama nearly as much as l do now without his help and guidance. On the boat management side he has made Llama so much more user friendly and ensured that it has maintained its value over the years. I love his 5 minute rule, if the boat is not ready to sail 5 minutes after arrival then you need to simplify things. 
Jon Linton, Dehler 46 Owner
The Rules of ABB...
Go on adventures
Use what you have
Never compromise on safety
Leave your comfort zone
Look after your boat and she'll look after you
Continually develop your skills
Keep It Simple Skipper! 
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