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Welcome to Above & Beyond Boating

We are Australia's leading learn to skipper your own boat coaching specialists, supporting thousands of boat owners achieve their boating dreams. 

Our training is perfect for sailors who...
Have a boat they want to use more
Are open to learning & developing their skills
Are passionate about being on the water
Are excited to become safer and more talented skippers.
Coaching programs on your boat
Sydney Skipper
Learn to skipper and manage your own boat with Australia's leading learn to skipper your own boat coaching program.
Mentor Program
Benefit from a completely personalised program that keeps you on a pathway of continual improvement. This is how you make the most of your boat ownership.
Cast-off is a half-day intensive seminar where you will create and implement your own pathway for achieving your boating dreams
 Boating Insights...
Video tips and interviews with skippers who have want to help you get out on your adventures.
Keep up to date with the latest developments and skills that you can put into practice today.
The Rules of Above & Beyond Boating...
Why are we so passionate about what we do? 

At Above and Beyond Boating, our mission is to develop boat owners to achieve their boating dreams, whilst using their boats as regularly and safely as possible.

Jon and Sarah Linton - Dehler 46
"I can honestly say that I would not be using or enjoying my yacht Llama nearly as much as l do now without his help and guidance. On the boat management side he has made Llama so much more user friendly and ensured that it has maintained its value over the years. I love his 5 minute rule, if the boat is not ready to sail 5 minutes after arrival then you need to simplify things. 
Chris & Ling Hayes - Hanse 415
"We are happy with the speed you are pushing us...we believe in getting the fundamentals and especially safety done well.  We are pleased that you are so focused on these aspects and making sure we have them in our kit bag."
Verity and Glenn Powers - Dufour 335
"Our personal skill set was basic but after 4 sessions with Neil, we feel we have progressed in our proficiency and we have gained greater confidence in our own abilities, Neil has an easy going mentoring style which instils confidence. His training style is such that you do everything - Neil steps in and takes physical control only when absolutely necessary. The learning experience is also great fun...We can't recommend Neil highly enough. "
Meet Greg Baker who is part of our Mentor Program, he achieved his goal to skipper his Hanse 415 to Hamilton Island and had a great time doing it!
Greg Baker
Hanse 415
"It was a real life changing experience for me. I wish I'd done more of this years ago. I've made a huge jump forwards in my sailing thanks to your excellent tuition, patience, knowledge, dilligence and practical experience. The use of technology, both on and off the boat, also was massively benificial to my understanding of sailing."
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