International Certificate of Competence (I.C.C.)
The International Certificate of Competence (I.C.C.) is often referred to as the Mediterranean Boat Licence. Unlike an Australian Boat Licence, yachts are not exempt from this and it is a requirement even for privately owned vessels.

For experienced skippers, this is a one-day assessment from our base in Pittwater where we will make sure your skills are up to date and ready for your Mediterranean adventures.
Should I bring someone with me?
We can test you on your own, or with one additional person there. We are restricted to testing a maximum of 2 people in a day. You can bring family and friends as crew, but please remember this an assessment and not a training day.
Do I need my own boat for the test?
​​​​​​​No, but you can be tested on your boat as long as the test starts from our base at the RPAYC in Newport. If you would prefer to be tested on our boat, we can provide this for an additional fee.
What experience do I need?
As a skipper you should be confident and competent in leading an inexperienced crew with the following before your assessment: 
  • recovering an MOB
  • setting & reefing sails
  • anchoring & docking
  • deliver a safety briefing​​​​​​
How long does the licence last for?
Once you have passed the assessment, you only have to do this once, however the licence from the RYA lasts for 5 years and then their fee is payable again to renew the licence.
Is there any navigation involved?
Yes, we need to confirm that your current level of navigation and passage planning is of the Day Skipper Shore-based level or higher. You can enrol on this today if you need to brush up on these skills with us now.
Is it possible to do any training before or after the assessment?
Yes, you can use a My Skipper Course session, or book a day with us on our boat. Many couples and families find this an invaluable opportunity to brush up on the techniques of the the trickier mooring techniques in the Med, compared to the relative ease marina pens in Australia.
The Investment
On your
​​​​​​​own boat
for 2 people
On our
for 2 people
*Please note once you have passed your I.C.C. the RYA fees for the licence are 45 GBP (processing time around 4 weeks) and additional 30GBP if you require their fast track service (processing time around 14 days). We can not assess more than 2 people per day as a requirement from the RYA.
  • "Although I had sailed for 40 years I can say it is a great confidence boost to have that additional knowledge of knowing what you are doing is correct."

    David Montgomery
    Purchased Sun Odyssey 439 in France

  • "Anne and I particularly appreciated Roger’s assessment/teaching approach. He was far more patient with Anne than I would have been and as a consequence she got great value from the day. 

    ​​​​​​​Bruce and Anne Grey
    ​​​​​​​Chartered in Sardinia

  • "Steve and I enjoyed our day out with Roger. We have been sailing together for forty years, since his father taught me to sail on Gretel II, so I hope our sailing skills are up to the ICC. The best part was the MOB practise but Roger had a lot of practical advice. "

    Simon Ford
    Chartering in the Mediterranean

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