International Certificate of Competence (I.C.C.)

The International Certificate of Competence (I.C.C.) is often referred to as the Mediterranean Boat Licence. Unlike an Australian Boat Licence, yachts are not exempt from this and it is a requirement even for privately owned vessels.

For experienced skippers, this is a one-day assessment from our base in Pittwater where we will make sure your skills are up to date and ready for your Mediterranean adventures.

What's included?
I.C.C. Assessment for up to two people on the day
Bonus Mediterranean Boat Handling session after your assessment to prepare you for your holiday
Opportunity to receive tailored advice for setting up your boat for a Mediterranean adventure
40% discount on all of our online training courses for 6 months from enrolment 
Where do we complete the I.C.C.?
We use Pittwater for our testing/training ground. This allow us to recreate similar scenarios as you might experience whilst getting to grips with the tricky Mediterrenean. Mooring and long lining you will be doing on an almost daily basis during your holiday.
Can we use our own boat for the test?

Yes, we will need to start and finish the test at the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in Newport, and your vessel must be suitable for what we are doing. 

What experience do I need?
As a skipper you should be confident and competent in leading an inexperienced crew with the following before your assessment: 
  - recovering an MOB
  - setting & reefing sails
  - anchoring & docking
  - deliver a safety briefing​​​​​​
Bruce and Anne Grey
​​​​​​​Chartered in Sardinia
"Anne and I particularly appreciated Roger’s assessment/teaching approach. He was far more patient with Anne than I would have been and as a consequence she got great value from the day. Overall I think the preparation for the online training, the provision of course materials and the regular communication from ABB was very professional."
David Montgomery
Purchased Sun Odyssey 439 in France
"Although I had sailed for 40 years I can say it is a great confidence boost to have that additional knowledge of knowing what you are doing is correct."
David Ritchard
Chartering in the Mediterranean
"Thanks for your very professional help. All our participants spoke very highly of your attention to delivery and detail"
The Investment
*Please note once you have passed your I.C.C. the RYA fees for the licence are 45 GBP (processing time around 4 weeks) and additional 30GBP if you require their fast track service (processing time around 14 days) 
Med Mooring made simple
Entering new harbours in the Mediterranean Sea can create a lot of anxiety for even the most experienced of skippers. As these skills with anchoring and mooring to rocks, trees and wharfs are rarely practised or needed in Australia, we created and include an "Med Boat Handling Session" with every International Certificate of Competence we assess to train these vital boat handling skills.
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The Back Story...
Above and Beyond Boating was founded in 2011 to support Sydney-based boat owners to not just learn about boat handling or sailing, but also teach the wider skills needed to confidently and safely skipper their boats.

They have worked with thousands of boat owners assisting them achieving a wide range of boating dreams.

One of the Above and Beyond Boating philosophies is to assist their customers to step outside of their nautical comfort zones and ensure that they achieve the goals they dreamed of when they purchased the boat.

They bring the skills and experience of world-class trainers straight to your vessel.
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