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 Man Overboard Masterclass
In this short, action-packed seminar we will take the fear out of an MOB scenario and show you how to create and implement an MOB plan for your boat that you could use should you be faced with this danger.

Our Man Over Board Masterclass is a popular 90-minute intensive seminar where you will learn about Man Overboard prevention, spotting, recovery and practice.

As part of the class we will bring you up to date with the latest advances in technology from modern life jackets and harness lines, to lights, beacons and recovery aids.

Above & Beyond Boating are well known locally and internationally for thinking outside of the box, whilst raising the standards of safety everywhere they go.

Presented by
Neil Driscoll
With over 20 years experience of teaching boat owners, Neil has seen what works and has created this Masterclass to provide you with a clear pathway of making sure that by the time you leave you don't just feel prepared, you are prepared.
Key safety principles that are often overlooked...
Unfortunately, many boat owners waste a lot of time and money by overlooking the key principles we focus on. No matter how long or short a time you have been boating, these are crucial elements that will make your boat safer and therefore also your boating more enjoyable.
Smart skippers and boat owners take the time to plan a safety brief that really hits home the vital information to their crew in a clear format without horror stories. We will show you how to do this.

Finding good crew can be very challenging in a busy city. It is important that as boat owners you can stand out to attract the right people onto your boat and as crew that you attract the right boats. Implementing a simple and effective safety plan will really help with this.

If you spend enough time at sea accidents will happen. It is time to take action and work out a plan that will work on your boat with your crew so that you will all perform in an emergency. 
Man Overboard Masterclass
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