Online Skipper Course
World-class training to ensure you achieve your boating dreams...
Do you have a boat that should be very capable of coastal adventures but find you are not actually going on them? 
Have you found you are not using the boat as much as you had anticipated you would?   
Do you find owning a boat that is not being used can be quite stressful?

The Challenge

As a boat owner in the age of youtube and online forums one of the biggest challenges out there is to filter through the mountains of information available to find what is  of value and how to implement it on your boat.

The advice available flows from, marina staff, friends who "know boats", forums and many other resources available, we find on most boats that often seemingly minor details about your specific boating scenario can mean that implementing well meaning advice does not give the outcome your were hoping for.

After working with thousands of boat owners, we have fine tuned the perfect skill set you need.

The Solution

Boat owners who use their boats to their full potential are the ones who realise they don't know everything. But they also, do something about it!

The most confident and competent boat owners we see every day, are the ones who take the time to understand their boat and the systems on board, meaning they can feel more relaxed about being the skipper.

Really successful boat ownership stories come from applying transferable processes to everything onboard, from berthing the boat to managing major equipment failure without it being a big deal.
The Proof

After 20 years of delivering training for people on their boats and measuring what works and consulting with some of the best skipper trainers on the planet, we have drilled down to identify the most important factors that you need to know for skippering a modern cruising boat. We have put this into a step-by-step program The Online Skipper.

The focus is  purely on what's most important to using your boat, making you safer and more relaxed with your family, friends and crew.
The Focus

It is hard to find extra time for learning new skills. Learning in a group can often mean even more days not spent on your boat that year or even working out the time in your calendar to have a skipper mentor come to the boat can be tricky.

Some elements of skippering can involving winging it, but even when you are doing that it comes from having the skills and confidence to know you can make good decisions in an evolving plan.

If you are ready to get more out of owning a boat than your could have ever dreamed possible, then this program is for you.
The Online Skipper Course
As part of The Online Skipper Course, you will have access to the best boat handling, skippering, passage making and boat management out there.

It's heart breaking to see so many beautiful boats that are simply not getting used, sitting waiting for their turn to go on an adventure!

Skippering is a skill and in the course you will discover tried and proven techniques for your boating adventures.

Too many boat owners focus on trying to get more out of their boat ownership by simply purchasing more stuff, and not focusing on the bigger picture of why they are not getting as much use from the boat as they wanted.

Successful skippering comes with your own style, but with the confidence that you are being safe and not depreciating your boat unnecessarily from misuse.
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Who is this course for?

The Online Skipper Course is for boat owners whose current level of skills and confidence are preventing them using their boat.

This is not a like any other program or course out there, the strategies you learn in The Online Skipper Course are advanced, effective and perfect for anyone who wants to take their skills to a new level, develop the skills of the family and crew and understand their boats systems properly.

Our training is game changing for skippers and their crews on yachts, catamarans, motor cruisers.

Why this is the smartest investment you will ever make in your boat...
No longer have a scattered approach to boat handling, all of our finest boat handling lessons have been put together to give you a solid skill set to handle even the most complex of manoeuvres.
Training and support on your vessels systems, handling and maintenance
The training materials will develop your skills, but also your crews can use and benefit from over 35 video tutorials and lessons
Tides, currents, weather routing, boat set up, contingency planning, watches, deck checks and spares inventories all broken down into structured lessons.
Even if you are a very confident and experienced sailor, these lessons will develop your seamanship and prolong the life of your sails and deck hardware.
Bonus - Daily access to our mentors to ask questions about your specific boat and usage
Steve and Mary Wright
Beneteau First 405
"Thanks once again for the benefit of your experience and lifting my sailing skills an order of magnitude."
Bruce and  Anne Grey
Jeanneau 379
"The online training, the provision of course materials and the regular communication from ABB was very professional"
David Montgomery
Sun Odyssey 439
"The internet course was well paced and interesting and although I had sailed for 40 years I can say it is a great confidence boost to have that additional knowledge of knowing what you are doing is correct."
The Investment
We believe in going Above and Beyond and getting amazing results from our community. If for any reason you are not 100% blown away after our first week then you are welcome to exit the course.

Access is to the course is open for 12-months from completing the registration. If life gets to busy and you need more time, you have an option to pause your course for up to 6-months and then continue when you have more time. Your complimentary online vessel management system does not have a log in expiry.
The Back Story...
Above and Beyond Boating was founded in 2011 to support Sydney-based boat owners to not just learn about boat handling or sailing, but also teach the wider skills needed to confidently and safely skipper their boats.

They have worked with thousands of boat owners assisting them achieving a wide range of boating dreams.

One of the Above and Beyond Boating philosophies is to assist their customers to step outside of their nautical comfort zones and ensure that they achieve the goals they dreamed of when they purchased the boat.

They bring the skills and experience of world-class trainers straight to your vessel.
The Rules of Above & Beyond Boating...