Personalised Training
Structured training for boat owners to create an extremely solid foundation of skills and knowledge.
About the personalised training
Whether you are a future Sydney Adventurer, East Coast Explorer or Blue Water Skipper, this is the skipper course for you!

Your 4 hour practical training lesson on your own boat, where you can decide what you want to learn so you achieve your specific boating goals.

Training delivered on your own boat (must be in Sydney)
100% personalised experience, either one-to-one or with your friends and family
Choose your own adventure. Use our structured training to achieve your boating dreams
Schedule and pay for 1 lesson at a time to allow you to implement and review your skills between lessons
Neil Driscoll as your personal Skipper Mentor to achieve your goals
This is for boat owners who want to...
Enjoy structured and concise training
Develop excellent boat handling skills
Be prepared for going on adventures
Never compromise on safety
"Our personal skill set was basic but after 4 sessions with Neil, we feel we have progressed in our proficiency and we have gained greater confidence in our own abilities, Neil has an easy going mentoring style which instils confidence. His training style is such that you do everything - Neil steps in and takes physical control only when absolutely necessary. The learning experience is also great fun... we can't recommend Neil highly enough. "
Glenn & Verity Powers, Dufour 335
Sydney Adventurer
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"I look back to our first lesson and am impressed with the knowledge and skills we've acquired since then. We went from being nervous and intimidated by our boat to feeling competent and excited for the weekend so we can take her out. Mike and Neil provided great instruction and ensured we learned not only what to do...but WHY it should be done that way. I truly appreciate the amount of thought and care behind what the Above and Beyond Boating team does. Thank you for helping us make our boating dream come true! :D" 
Jen Burch
East Coast Explorer
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"What a great session we had with Roger last Friday, he is excellent. He gave us some great pointers the session before in a low wind situation, but with the big fluky blow last week, he had us working really hard and we all agreed how much we had learned under his guidance. Now it is a matter of us getting out there to practice!"  
Kate & Simon Player
Blue Water Skipper
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"What stood out was the wealth of practical experience that was brought to the class -- they are not only great teachers who are passionate about their subject, but have clearly thought about what works, what doesn't and how to do things better and safer. Really helps you think about how to organise and manage your own boat and crew." 
David Hirsch
Your Skipper Mentor
Neil has been teaching on the water for over 20 years. Talk to him for 20 seconds and it is clear he is very passionate about helping people achieve their boating dreams.

Having raced dinghies as a kid, cruised and raced yachts his entire life and had extensive experience on powerboats, he is a true all rounder.

His personalised approach to training has always been central to the business vision and the constantly growing community of people using Above & Beyond Boating's courses and training services.
Neil Driscoll
Founder & Lead Trainer
The Investment
per lesson
Each lesson lasts for four hours. It would always include a short brief and debriefing. We encourage you to have the boat ready to go prior to the start time of the lesson so we can be as efficient as possible with your time.

The lessons are scheduled online and can be added straight to your calendar. With true wind of over 25 kts, heavy rain or severe weather warnings rescheduling is available at no charge.
The Rules of ABB...
Go on adventures
Use what you have
Never compromise on safety
Leave your comfort zone
Look after your boat and she'll look after you
Continually develop your skills
Keep It Simple Skipper! 
Improve your skills, increase your safety and use your boat more!
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