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Boating Insights Podcast
Your Boating Kit Bag

We are looking at the opportunities that can arise from the unpredictable nature of boating. It's all the mindset, a huge part of the attraction of boating should ideally be the opportunity to never stop learning and to keep your mind and skills sharp in an unpredictable environment that rewards you for being well set up and prepared. Whether your boating is short day trips or ocean voyaging, the mindset of spinning problems into opportunities should help keep you safe and having more fun whenever you're out there.

Your Boating Kit Bag

In this episode, Neil takes you through the essential items he will always pack into a boating kit bag. Depending on the season, activity and location you are boating in, you will want to adjust what you carry, but this list will help to get you thinking about what you already take and see if there are any tweaks to your list that you can make.

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Dynamic Passage Planning
When you plan a passage, it's crucial to ensure you set up your plan to be dynamic so you can easily adjust for updated departure and arrival times. This episode takes you through how to manage avoidable slippage with your departure timing and the considerations for your ETA changing while you are on a passage.

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What are your options for reporting your position?
When you are out at sea, many scenarios can arise where you may need to know and transmit your position. You may also need to be able to receive, record and navigate a position to assist.

This podcast examines your options for getting a quick and accurate position. We also provide some ideas to help upskill people who are boating with you to assist with this to keep you free to manage the boat and any other situations that need your attention at that time.

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Leave Your Comfort Zone
Without leaving your comfort zone, you can't develop your skills. This podcast has five ideas that you can implement to help to leave your boating comfort zone and keep developing your skippering skills.
Prepare yourself for the voyage of a lifetime
This episode of Boating Insights will help you to prepare for the voyage of a lifetime. John Hembrow joins Neil to share some of his extensive knowledge. John has been full-time cruising since 2009, created the Down Under Rally in 2014, and has led a range of yacht rallies in the SW Pacific and Australia since then. 
A change is as good as a holiday
Changing some of the habits you have onboard can significantly impact the skill development of all involved. This episode takes you through some of the options you have for implementing changes through a typical day on the water that can help you explore more destinations, average more days on the water and avoid the issues that can come with skill fade and perishable knowledge.

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Make Tide Your Friend
For all coastal boating adventures, you will likely need an understanding of the tide. This Boating Insights video podcast episode takes you through some essential considerations, to help make tide your friend.

The episode begins by looking at the potential impact of the tide on a passage plan.

The tidal situation can impact the flow and depths, or both. There are other localised impacts, such as on/offshore winds, heavy rain and flooding. You must know how to check and interpret how the range of the tide/tides compares with the mean spring range in your location.

It is also essential to confirm the quality of information on apps and whether it relates to verified information from official sources. Finally, in case of grounding, always know if the tide is flooding or ebbing.

Boarding options for your boating
When boarding a boat from the land, a dinghy or the water, there are many details you can adjust to make it easier and safer for all involved. As part of this episode, we look at some ideas if you accidentally find yourself in the water whilst boarding to help make sure you can get back on board or onto the dock again.
Interview with David Hows of Ocean Sailing Expeditions
In this episode, we catch up with David Hows, the founder of Ocean Sailing Expeditions and the Ocean Sailing Podcast. David's a self-confessed sailing addict who loves introducing new people to his love of all things - sailing. David shares fantastic information about the options for gaining offshore sailing experience, training crews for emergency procedures at sea, buying boats overseas and some of his favourite destinations, which you can only reach by boat.

The Sea, Safety and Survival Course David recommends for all participants joining them for offshore passages is on this link.

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Marine Electronics
This episode looks at some of the key need-to-know features of your marine electrical system. We go through the options of how you generate and store power on board, understanding the amount of power being used at all times, and how to avoid accidentally wasting power or avoiding being caught out by the batteries being run flat and not available when you need them.
Toys for your boat
For many boats, toys are a key part of the activity. This episode takes you through some of Neil's favourite boating toys, for swimming, fishing, towing, snorkelling, and paddle boarding, with tips on how to avoid your boat becoming overrun with toys and keeping everyone safe whilst you're using them.
5 ideas to simplify your boat
Finding ways to make your boat safer and easier to use should always have a positive impact on how often and safely you can use your boat. This episode takes you through some of the options you could use to help keep the boat running smoothly and simplify your job of skippering and maintaining a boat.
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