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Boating Insights Podcast
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Qualifications for Teenagers and Young Adults
When you are looking at qualifications and training for young people in the marine environment, the list can quickly become quite extensive and confusing. In this episode, we help you understand how to evaluate what courses may be applicable and useful for a teenager and young adult, that will be enjoyable to study, useful, achievable, internationally recognised and explain which qualifications will not expire.
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Junction from coastal cruising to pilotage
When you head out on a coastal passage there will need to be a junction point built into your passage plan, where the boat and crew adjust into the pilotage mode to prepare to enter the harbour, river or anchorage you are heading to. This episode looks at some of the factors to consider for selecting a junction point, what the actions you would need to take in the lead up to arriving there, as you arrive and what your plan is if things don't unfold as you are expecting as you arrive at the junction.This episode is ideal for local adventurers, coastal explorers and blue water skippers.
Sea Berths
Getting a good sleep at sea can make a huge difference to how enjoyable and safe a multi-day passage will be. In this episode, we look at the bigger picture for your sea berths including setting them up. This includes the standing orders for when to wake up the skipper and how to convert your boat from a liveaboard cruising configuration to being in an on passage configuration with sea berths set up properly. 
Stop > Think > Act
It can often feel that there is no time to think things through under pressure. Every time you guess without taking the time to think through the next steps, you have a 50% chance of hopefully making the right decision. You also have a 50% chance of making the wrong decision.

One wrong decision can have a knock-on effect quite rapidly at times. Always try to take the time to think steps through and find a way to stabilise a situation, so these things are not getting worse. This will hopefully allow you some time to come up with a plan and brief your crew on what is required of them.

This is a major benefit of training so that you gradually increase the number of experiences you have skippered and the equipment you have used. It will help you to grow a collection of transferable skills that you can draw on during an emergency at sea. Hopefully, these experiences help you avoid even finding yourself in an emergency at sea.
Managing Engine Failure
When you turn the key and nothing happens, depending on a number of factors, the next few minutes could have a huge impact on the outcome of your scenario. One of the most common errors is to rush straight into fixing the issue without taking stock of the current situation, where you are, the traffic around you, managing your immediate hazards such as lee shores, rocks, bar crossings, breaking waves, shallow water etc. This podcast helps you factor in potential engine failure into your passage planning from local adventuring right through to blue water skippering.
Your First Overnight Passage
This episode examines the details that can help make your first overnight passage safe, enjoyable and a positive learning experience so that they start well and just keep getting better and better. Through the episode we look at people, skills, the boat set up, the timing of watches and departure, how to get enough rest, managing food and hydrations, setting up your clothing for the conditions, safety considerations, navigation. We look at the tools you need to make sure you are properly prepared to master this skill and ensure passages are not limited by daylight.
Marina Berth or Swing Mooring Which Is Best For You?
This episode offers some insights into the wider decisions that can lead into making choosing where to keep a boat and how that develops over time. Some of the considerations we look at include, the first year of boat ownership, the maintenance, costs, insurance, ease of use and the factors which can affect your skill progression.
Set Yourself Up For a Successful Passage
Setting up your boat, your crew and yourself for successful passage making requires planning and an ongoing evaluation of what went well and where the areas to improve are. In this episode, Neil takes you through some of the main areas that you can help yourself prepare as a skipper or crew member. The podcast looks specifically at the consideration you might make regarding navigation, boat checks nutrition, hygiene and development.
First Year of Boat Ownership
The first year of boat ownership can be both daunting and exciting. This episode looks at some of the key ways to avoid making potentially expensive mistakes in your first year and how to keep making sure you are getting out on the water and having fun. Enjoy!
Mayday Mayday Mayday - Getting Help At Sea
Most vessels carry a range of safety equipment, either through the personal choice of the skipper or due to the requirements they need to comply with within the areas they are boating. This episode helps you to understand when a marine radio, EPIRB, PLB, flare, V sheet, mobile phone or combination of these might be the most appropriate tool or tools to use for different situations you might have to manage over time.
Navigation - Where Are You?
The vessel navigation forms a huge part of any trip planning and implementation. In this episode we look at how you can use electronic and paper charts, tools and guides to appraise, plan, execute and monitor whilst your next adventure.
Is It Time To Make A Plan?
This episode will help you to look at the considerations that go into choosing a boat, mooring, crew and being clear on what you want to achieve from your boating.
Keep It Simple Skipper
This month's podcasts looks at the range of courses and services we have at Above and Beyond Boating to help achieve your next boating goal. The episode looks at the Log Book, skills and vessels management system, ABB TV and the range of E-Learning courses we have ready to support you to take your next steps.
Accelerate Your Skill Development
This podcast has some ideas for helping you make 2021 count for your skill development and help you to be better prepared should you find yourself trying to manage a situation such as a tricky marina spot, a person overboard, steering failure or even clearing a wrapped propeller.
Planning Your First Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race
In this episode, Neil is joined by John Naylor to look at the steps involved and options available as a skipper or crew member to get involved in offshore yacht racing and in particular how you could take part in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.
Listen to our latest Boating Insights podcast, and don't forget to subscribe on your favourite podcast platform so you don't miss an episode!

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