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Complete Skipper Powerboating Course

Motor Cruisers and Powerboating

VHF Radio Online Course   |   Online Skipper Course   |   RYA Day Skipper Shorebased

The Complete Motor Skipper Course

This self-paced e-learning powerboat skipper course will advance your skills and confidence in exploring even the most remote places your powerboat can access. We will teach you to be a highly skipper, combining seamanship and navigation skills with the latest technology, environmental awareness, and safety practices.

This powerboating and motor cruising course bundles our leading online training courses to complement your time on your boat. The flexible online format allows you to choose when to study the course content and how long to complete lessons and activities. If life keeps you busy, you can work through the content in a few days or spread it out over a few weeks!

This Complete Skipper Course package includes a lifetime enrollment to our VHF Radio, Online Skipper, and the RYA Day Skipper Shorebased courses. 

Learning Online

Our courses have been specifically designed for an online learning experience. Enrolment in  our online powerboat skipper course presents a flexible opportunity to work at your own pace. Our team can provide feedback, instruction and personal support to help you get the answers you need. 

What's in this complete motor cruising and powerboat course...

Passage planning, including contingencies for engine failure and weather changes
Combine seamanship and navigation skills with the latest technology, environmental awareness, and safety practices
Interpret tidal predictions & weather forecasts for smooth and coastal voyages
Marine communications to assist with the safety of the boat at sea
Proficiently use modern navigational tools like GPS, AIS, and electronic chart plotters
Handle a powerboat under various conditions, on long and short passages
Boat handling for single and twin engine vessels
Essential safety equipment & preparation for emergencies

Learn how to use a VHF Radio to call for help in an emergency, communicate with other vessels at sea, and understand how to use the emergency communication equipment you may have onboard. There is also the option to sit an exam to get your radio licence if you need an MMSI number. 

This self-paced e-learning course offers a flexible opportunity to learn how to prepare for short and long passages, manage your boat and crew, understand your boat's systems, practice your powerboat handling, and improve your boating skills. The strategies you learn are structured, practical, and perfect for powerboating and motor cruisers!

Advance your passage planning skills with practical case studies and interactive lessons. This course will give you the skills to confidently read and interpret electronic and paper charts, understand weather and tides, and prepare and manage passages on your boat. It is a perfect framework for taking your powerboat on longer and bolder coastal adventures.

How do we maintain our 99% course completion rate?

The fresh approach from Above & Beyond Boating to elearning combines proven learning techniques in online learning with our experience in personalised training.
Above & Beyond Boating is committed to helping you every step of the way. We are here to ensure you feel supported while learning online. You can receive support and assistance from our dedicated course instructor over the phone, via live chat and email, or arrange a video call.
We are always seeking to improve our training course experience. We always listen to our customers feedback and update our training on a regular basis!
Neil Driscoll is your course instructor. With extensive experience as an RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Instructor for over 20 years, Neil has delivered the full range of courses.
You can rely on a prompt reply from Neil should you need any assistance throughout the course!

International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

When purchasing a boat, a share in a syndicate, or chartering a boat, it is important to demonstrate your powerboat certification and experience for boat insurance.

Our comprehensive powerboat skipper course is designed to equip you with the necessary skills for your powerboat licence and to enhance your seamanship abilities. This training is not just beneficial, it's invaluable, as it significantly boosts your confidence in handling and skippering larger vessels.

This preparation is invaluable for a successful International Certificate of Competence (ICC) assessment, for maximising the benefits of a practical powerboat licence course, and for your future boating adventures.

  • "Awesome well laid out courses, practical videos and proactive support really enhances the RYA program for local context. Nice to see professional locals sharing their practical knowledge in a helpful learning environment"

    Andrew Pomroy

  • "Neil offers a wonderfully comprehensive self-paced online package in the Complete Skipper Course. Each element builds logically, making it easy to understand and implement, and is significantly enhanced by Neil's professional and engaging approach to teaching."

    Carl Runde

  • "These are terrific courses, well worth the money, time and effort. The online system works very smoothly, and the level of difficulty is perfectly-pitched to nicely balance 'challenge' with interest, development and enjoyment. The AAB Boating people are terrific, supportive, and only a short click-away from providing great service and assistance. I very-highly recommend both AAB and their courses."

    Craig Barnett

Supporting Materials

"What's included in the course?"
Navigation training materials, sent via express post within Australia and by registered airmail  for international addresses*
Gain lifetime access to the VHF Radio Course, RYA Day Skipper Shorebased Course, and Online Skipper Course — learn seamanship, passage planning, and passage-making through a modern lens. Navigate confidently in today's electronic-first era, mastering digital communications and interactive weather forecasting. Embrace a modern learning approach while solidifying your foundation in navigation, meteorology, and marine communication principles.
RYA Training Charts & Training Almanac. These resources have been developed to give you exposure to the skippering challenges you could encounter anywhere your qualification could take you. You will experience changes in buoyage systems, time zones, extreme tidal flows, navigate under bridges and over sand bars. These resources are yours to keep and contribute to an  unrivalled learning experience.
Navigator's Tools: course plotter, dividers, 2B pencil & eraser so that you're equipped for your next adventure and beyond.
Personal online course user account, with a grade book and unlimited opportunity to return to lessons and reinforce your learning, even once you have completed a unit or passed the final assessments.
*You do not need to wait for the supporting materials to arrive before starting the course.
Enrol today and access all of these bonus resources
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Passage Planner & Vessel Logbook, this is your go to resource for preparing for and going on all of your boating adventures.
Complete Skipper Training Book so you can create your own procedures for any boat you skipper. This is only available to students in our Complete Skipper Course
Emergency action card set. This is will help you simplify your boat inductions and safety briefings and keep your key information immediately available to you in an emergency

The Investment

Takes around 50 hours to complete
Supportive online learning & comprehensive supporting materials
Flexible participation options
Feedback, instruction & personal support
Access to courses for the lifetime of the product. 12 months course support, with an option of a 6 month break at anytime in the 12 months.
VHF Radio course, Online Skipper Course  and RYA Day Skipper Shorebased Course
Qualification: RYA Day Skipper Shorebased
1 Person


2 People


Experience For Boat Insurance

The Complete Skipper Course is also an opportunity to showcase your dedication to safety, seamanship, and training, which is critical for insurance companies in a modern environment, especially for larger vessels and first-time boat owners, to be able to demonstrate experience for boat insurance.

The Rules of ABB...

Go on adventures
Use what you have
Never compromise on safety
Leave your comfort zone
Look after your boat and she'll look after you
Continually develop your skills
Keep It Simple Skipper! 

Improve your skills, increase your safety, and use your boat more!

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