NSW Powerboat Licence
Join us for a day on the water and complete your Start Powerboat certificate to get your boat licence!
About the course...
On successful completion of your Start Powerboating Course, you will be eligible for a NSW General Boat Licence. 
Trip Preparation & Navigation
Safety briefings, passage considerations, navigating harbours & busy waterways
Types of boats & equipment
Personal safety equipment, boat equipment, parts of the boat, engines & fuel
Rules of the road & regulations
Collision avoidance, sailing rules, common lights, day shapes and sound signals
Boat handling skills & techniques
Low-speed & high-speed manoeuvres, docking, mooring & anchoring
Course Information
Where do we complete the training?
We use Pittwater as our training area on our boat. The lesson will start and finish at The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, Newport. If you would prefer a different location, please just let us know and we will try to make it work.
Can we use our own boat?
Yes, we will need to confirm your vessel must be suitable for what we are doing, but as long as it is then that is encouraged.
How long is the training?
It depends on the number of people completing the course. For 1-2 people, the training will take up to 4 hours. For 3-4 people, it will take up to 6 hours to complete. 
Can I complete this course to get a boat licence?
Yes! By completing the course, you will receive an Australian Sailing Powerboat certificate of proficiency that you can take to the RMS to get your NSW boat licence.
"The whole day was very enjoyable & we were both very impressed with Niall’s training. He definitely made sure we were competent on the boat & encouraged us to repeat any exercise until it was perfect."
Ruth & Sean Gill
The Investment
Start Powerboat Certificate
$395 pp
​​​​​​​Maximum of 4 people per course
This does not include the RMS boat licence fee. 
 The sessions are scheduled online and can be added straight to your calendar. With true wind of over 25 kts, heavy rain or severe weather warnings rescheduling is available at no charge
The Rules of ABB...
Go on adventures
Use what you have
Never compromise on safety
Leave your comfort zone
Look after your boat and she'll look after you
Continually develop your skills
Keep It Simple Skipper! 
Improve your skills, increase your safety and use your boat more!
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