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Complete Skipper Course
Motor Cruisers

VHF Radio Online Course   |   Online Skipper Course   |   RYA Day Skipper Shorebased

About the Complete Skipper Course

The Complete Skipper course is a comprehensive online learning experience that will advance your pathway to becoming a confident and proficient skipper. Whether you want to be a Local Adventurer, East Coast Explorer, or Blue Water Skipper, the Complete Skipper course will give you the skills and knowledge to take your boat on passages in a safe and enjoyable way. 

The Complete Skipper is a bundle of our leading online training courses to complement the time you spend on your boat. The flexible online format allows you to choose when you want to study the course content and how long you spend completing lessons and activities. You can work through the content in a few days, or spread out over a few weeks if life is keeping you busy!

The courses that make up the Complete Skipper are the VHF Radio Course, Online Skipper, and the RYA Day Skipper Shorebased. 

What you will learn...
Passage planning & adventure preparation
Navigation & collision avoidance
Tide calculations & weather forecasts
Managing safety of the boat at sea
Communications & calling for help
Learning your own boat
Boat handling
Person overboard & emergency situations

Learn how to use a VHF Radio so you are equipped to to call for help in an emergency, communicate with other vessels at sea and understand how to use various safety equipment you may have onboard. There is also the option to sit an exam to get your radio licence if you need an MMSI number. Learn more.


The Online Skipper Course will refine your practical skills and deepen your understanding of your own boat. The modular approach to online learning features lessons put together with interactive presentations, tutorial videos and review questions. You can use this course to develop your passage planning and preparation for adventures, understand and maintain the systems on your boat, and broaden your boat handling. Learn more. 


Advance your passage planning skills with practical case studies and interactive lessons. This course will give you the skills to confidently read and interpret charts, understand weather and tides, and prepare and manage passages on your boat. It is a perfect framework for taking your boat on longer and bolder coastal adventures. Learn more. 

"Found it very well presented with a good explanation of concepts. Quiz at the end of each chapter was challenging enough to cement the material in the mind. Neil is very quick to respond to any questions. It took me a few weeks on and off to complete the course at my own pace, fitting in with other commitments"
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Daniel Kerry

"Sensational. He can explain complex things to relative novices really clearly"
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Ian Grey

"We made it over here and had a good trip! Many thanks to you for helping us get here! We’ve done some cruising around already and it’s really stunning sailing here in NZ"
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Joe Davenport

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Supporting materials
Your training materials will be express posted to you
RYA Day Skipper Shorebased Course Notes
2 x RYA Training Charts & RYA Training Almanac
Complete Skipper Training Book (download)
ABB Passage Planner & Vessel Logbook (download)
Navigator's Tools: course plotter, dividers, 2B pencil & eraser
Learning Online

Our courses have been specifically designed for an online learning experience. Enrolment in an online course presents a flexible opportunity to work through at your own pace. Our team can provide feedback, instruction and personal support over the phone, via email or face to face to help you get the answers you need. 

The Investment
Takes around 50 hours to complete
Supportive online learning & comprehensive supporting materials
Flexible participation options
Feedback, instruction & personal support
Access to courses for 12 months
VHF Radio course, Online Skipper Course (Modules 1-4) and RYA Day Skipper Shorebased Course
Savings: 10% discount on annual premiums with Topsail
Qualification: RYA Day Skipper Shore based
1 Person



$140 saving!

2 People



$575 saving!

The Rules of ABB...
Go on adventures
Use what you have
Never compromise on safety
Leave your comfort zone
Look after your boat and she'll look after you
Continually develop your skills
Keep It Simple Skipper! 

Improve your skills, increase your safety and use your boat more!

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