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Provisioning & Cooking For Boating Adventures

Leave your comfort zone!

Preparing food on a boat can be challenging, but enjoying great food on extended trips can help maintain your crew's morale! These tips will help you make food preparation easier on your boat.

Watch the video podcast below.

Edward is an RYA Yachtmaster Instructor, professional skipper, GBRMPA Sail Guide & Briefer and Master Reef Guide based in the Whitsunday Islands (QLD). He is held in very high regard by guests and staff members and is very well respected in the region.
"I highly recommend AABB online training as a unique resource for aspiring skippers and owners.
I have witnessed author Neil developing, improving and extending the resources for over 10 years – and delivering the highest level of service and advice to clients.
As an instructor and charter boat manager these are the best maritime theoretical and practical materials for boat owners and skippers available."
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Edward Saalfeld
The range of e-learning training courses we offer will broaden your knowledge base and enable you to continually develop your skills on the water.

Our self paced e-learning is structured to increase your knowledge for skippering and understanding your own boat, and to support your practical abilities. 

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