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If you have a choice, choose a dock that is well within your capabilities and experience to drive into. Brief the crew on your chosen procedure for docking.Prepare the boat by having dock lines already rigged (bow, stern, mid-ships) and fenders in place on the  […]

Once you start taking longer trips than just a few hours, you may need to start thinking about watch systems and logistics.
Let’s first explore some of your logistical considerations, one thing to consider if people […]

Even the smallest of trips should have a short briefing. When you’re planning the briefing that you give, it is important to understand that there is a difference between a safety briefing, a boat induction, and a domestic/ housekeeping briefing. […]

One of the most exciting and rewarding elements of boat ownership is that satisfaction of arriving somewhere for the first time by water. The possibilities to explore new bays, rivers and harbours are almost endless. […]

The key information you would use either in an emergency or booking into a berth for the night.
I have included a table of the main items you would want to indicate and numbered them so you can just draw arrows and number them .