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Safety & Sea Survival
e-learning Course

About the course

The Safety & Sea Survival Course is an essential learning program for anyone who takes to sea. The course delivers up to date information and current techniques for survival situations including crew overboard emergencies and abandoning ship. 
This e-learning course, in conjunction with the practical wet drills, meets the World Sailing and Australian Sailing Safety and Sea Survival Certification and revalidation requirements for the offshore special regulations.
This sea survival course costs $195 (AUD). Enrol now!

Internationally Recognised

World Sailing is the international governing authority for sailing. It sets a global standard and syllabus for the Offshore Personal Survival Course.
The national governing bodies for sailing, who are members of World Sailing, such as Australian Sailing (AS), the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and Yachting New Zealand (YNZ), have the flexibility to name the qualification that is issued in each country. 
The Australian Sailing (AS) qualification of the World Sailing Offshore Personal Survival Course is the Safety and Sea Survival Course (SSSC). In the U.K., the RYA version is the Offshore Personal Survival Course, and in New Zealand, the qualification is Advanced Sea Survival. 
Above & Beyond Boating is an AS-accredited training centre, and this e-learning course, which we developed and deliver, has been recognised by AS as a proven, tested and extremely effective method of delivery for all aspects of the theoretical knowledge for the AS Safety and Sea Survival course. 

Online e-Learning

This is an online course. After you have enrolled, we will send your login details. The SSSC e-learning course takes around 6 hours to complete. The content is structured so you can review the material as fast or as slow as you feel comfortable. Your offshore safety at sea  course access remains open for the full 12-months even once you have passed the end of course assessment.

How do we maintain our 99% course completion rate?

The fresh approach from Above & Beyond Boating to elearning combines proven learning techniques in online learning with our experience in personalised training.
Above & Beyond Boating is committed to helping you every step of the way. We are here to ensure you feel supported while learning online. You can receive support and assistance from our dedicated course instructor over the phone, via live chat and email, or arrange a video call.
We are always seeking to improve our training course experience. We always listen to our customers feedback and update our training on a regular basis!
Our weekly updates include the latest changes in equipment, regulations, incident report recommendations and navigation technology.
Neil Driscoll is your course instructor. With extensive experience as an RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Instructor for over 20 years, Neil has delivered the full range of courses.
You can rely on a prompt reply from Neil should you need any assistance throughout the course!

Learning Topics

Personal Safety Equipment
Liferafts & Abandoning Ship
Care & Maintenance of Safety Gear
Preparation & Planning
Storm Sails
Damage Control
Heavy Weather
Crew Overboard Prevention & Recovery
Hypothermia, Cold Shock & First Aid
Search & Rescue Organisation
Marine Weather
Fire Precautions & Firefighting
Emergency Communications & Pyrotechnics
Pyrotechnics & Signalling Gear
The course is structured into learning topics, each focusing on a different aspect of maritime safety. It begins with an overview of personal safety equipment and explores different types of life jackets, maintenance of safety gear, personal signalling devices, and methods of assisting other crafts.
The fire safety lessons teach you to identify common causes of onboard fires, understand different classes of fires, and apply firefighting techniques using various types of extinguishers. The crew overboard prevention provides effective rescue and recovery strategies, emphasising prevention techniques and breakthroughs in modern electronic aids.
The course covers medical emergencies, hypothermia, first aid, and crew health. It also delves deeply into understanding marine weather, heavy weather sailing techniques, and strategies for securing the vessel during storms.
You will receive tuition on storm sails, damage control during emergencies, and the organisation of search and rescue operations. Each topic combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications, preparing you for an effective response in diverse maritime situations.

"I learnt so much. It all came together really well and it's a fully easy to learn, access and accomplish. Thank you Neil for all your insights. Well done. Highly recommend"

Jacqui Major

"A very thorough course with great content and structure. Great to be able to do it in my own time and at my own pace. What a great initiative to put it online - Well done Neil and Above and Beyond Boating."

Nick Elliott

The World Sailing and Australian Sailing Safety & Sea Survival Course

Self Paced e-learning

The course is ideal for recreational and racing skippers and crews who may encounter rough weather and problems at sea. At the end of this course, you will know the safety equipment carried on small boats and the seamanship techniques needed to survive at sea in heavy weather.


It is required to complete the course material and supporting questions and then pass a multiple-choice question exam, which is included at the end of the e-learning course. You must achieve a minimum of 20 out of 25 correct answers to pass the exam. If you are unsuccessful with your first attempt at sitting the exam, you are allowed to review the course materials and sit the exam a second time.
On completion of the course and the theory exam, you will be provided with proof of completion to present at the Australian Sailing accredited SSSC training centre, where you will be completing your wet drills.

Practical Training

If you plan to receive the full Australian Sailing (AS) Safety and Sea Survival qualification, for a full course of 5-year revalidation, then you also need to attend a practical session with an AS approved training centre. The practical wet drills and flare demonstrations must be completed within 12 months of passing the e-Learning and exam. If you plan to participate in a wet drill, you can check the pricing and availability of the wet drills on the link below before enrolling in this e-learning course.

Your Sea Safety & Survival Certificate will be issued on the completion date of the practical wet drills and by the accredited Australian Sailing centre where you complete the wet drills. Your wet drills are separate from this course and are paid directly with the Australian Sailing accredited centre where you complete them.

A current list of wet drills in Australia is available from within the course and via this link.

The Australian Sailing Training Centres listed below may have more dates not yet published for booking. You can contact them directly to check your area.

New South Wales: Pacific Sailing School - Sydney & Newcastle
Queensland:  Mainstay Sailing - Airlie Beach, 27 South - Brisbane
Victoria:  Yachtmaster Sailing School - Melbourne
Tasmania: Tasman Adventures - Hobart
Western Australia:  Fremantle Sailing Club 

Get your Safety & Sea Survival Certificate

To achieve an Australian Sailing Safety & Sea Survival Certificate , you will need to complete the e-Learning course, pass the online theory exam, and then complete the practical wet drills. 
If you are seeking a new or revalidated AS Safety and Sea Survival Certificate, you have 12 months to attend a practical survival training session with an AS-accredited training centre. The practical for this looking to complete this step is booked directly with the A.S. centre. 

Recognition of Prior Learning

STCW78, Elements of Shipboard Safety & RYA Basic Sea Survival Course

A further benefit of this e-learning course for those holding commercial tickets with the STCW78, Elements of Shipboard Safety (ESS) or the RYA Basic Sea Survival Course is that AS recognises prior learning for the liferaft and practical session.

If you have completed one of the courses listed in the last five years and also complete this e-learning course, you can be issued the World Sailing & A.S. Safety & Sea Survival qualification, and the expiry date will be five years from the date of the practical exercises for your original qualification.

"Very good self paced theory course with a great mix of case studies, videos, graphics and revision tools prior to final test. The planning tools especially were valued takeaways. I now have a much enhanced appreciation of my duty of care to crew and guests."
James Gorham

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