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Are you, your boat and your crew ready for an adventure?
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Before departing on an ocean voyage, as the skipper, you must be confident that your boat is well found and the skills and experience of you and your crew are suitable for the voyage.

At Above and Beyond Boating we are passionate about helping you to become confident that your preparations are comprehensive and that when the time comes to depart you feel confident that you, the boat and crew have planned for and are prepared for the worst and can now hope for the best. 

Over the years Above & Beyond Boating have assisted many people to prepare for such an undertaking. As a starting point we have created a self assessment tool to help you identify gaps that may exist within your current skill set, that of your crew and within your boat safety equipment inventory. 

We strongly recommend that all those venturing offshore, especially those who are doing so for the first time, perform an audit using this valuable tool.

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The free self assessment tool also features a summary of the main items of safety equipment that are requirements of Yachting NZ, Australian Sailing, Roads and Maritime NSW, Maritime Safety QLD & the Royal Ocean Racing Club. 

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