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Setting your sails without an engine


Whenever we have talked or asked someone about what you would do in an event of your boat's engine failing, the most common response is to just use the sails to manoeuvre the boat. This sounds simple, but if you need to get your vessel on to a mooring or in a marina berth, then there are some things you need to think about, and more importantly, practice!

Most sailing vessels will use the assistance of the engine for hoisting and setting the sails, as well as dropping. Without the engine, it can be a little harder but it is a great skill to have if you can hoist sails, set and manoeuvre your vessel without power. 

The video below has some ways to start practicing hoisting and using the sails without using an engine. If you've done this before then try doing it with your crew, friends or family that are on your boat regularly that might not know how to do it.

Ask us if you have any questions, and let us know how you go with it!

Steve and Mary were enjoying spending weekends exploring Pittwater and the surrounding waterways with their family on board. With a previous owner, the boat had raced extensively including the Rolex Sydney to Hobart. Steve loves sailing and was keen to be as effective and efficient as possible, whilst developing processes to handle the boat under sail. He found our training provided a perfect opportunity to gain these skills.
The Online Skipper Course has a module dedicated to sailing. Whilst providing a crucial step for those first learning boating, this course helps more experienced sailors to concisely explain what they need from others onboard.
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