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Sea Safety & Survival
e-Learning Course
About the course
The Sea Safety & Survival Course is an essential learning program for anyone who takes to sea. The course delivers up to date information and current techniques for survival situations including crew overboard emergencies and abandoning ship. 
This e-learning course, combined with the practical wet drills, constitutes a 2-day course under the World Sailing and Australian Sailing SSSC requirements.
Online e-Learning
This is an online course. After you have enrolled, we will send your login details. The SSSC e-learning course takes around 6 hours to complete. The content is structured so you can review the material as fast or as slow as you feel comfortable.
Learning Topics
Personal Safety Equipment
Liferafts & Abandoning Ship
Care & Maintenance of Safety Gear
Preparation & Planning
Storm Sails
Damage Control
Heavy Weather
Crew Overboard Prevention & Recovery
Hypothermia, Cold Shock & First Aid
Search & Rescue Organisation
Marine Weather
Fire Precautions & Firefighting
Emergency Communications & Pyrotechnics
Pyrotechnics & Signalling Gear

"It was excellent and for me the benefits were in the myriad of little things that I picked up, sometimes new knowledge, sometimes a reinforcement of something that I knew and sometimes a reminder of something that I’d forgotten"

John Stephenson

"I feel much more confident on the water and I am glad that most of the crew I sail with have also done this course and we have a better understanding of keeping ourselves and each other safe on the water"

Lani Jons

The World Sailing and Australian Sailing Sea Safety & Survival Course

Course Syllabus

14 learning topics, including the most recent  and relevant case studies relating to each one. These are taught in this e-Learning course.

Course Exam

The 25 question multiple choice exam. This is completed online at the end of this e-learning course.

Practical Training

The wet drills. These are booked and paid for directly with the training centre you choose to complete them with.

Get your Sea Safety & Survival Certificate
To achieve an Australian Sailing SSSC accreditation, you will need to complete the e-Learning course, the online theory exam, and the practical wet drills. 

Theory Exam
It is a requirement to complete a 25 multiple-choice question exam, included in the online course, with a successful pass mark of 80% (20 correct) before participating in wet drill activities. You have the option to resit the exam if you are not successful first time.

On completion of the theory exam, you will be provided with proof of completion to present at the Australian Sailing accredited SSSC training centre where you will be completing your wet drills.

Wet Drills
The practical wet drills and flare demonstrations must be completed within 12 months of completing the e-Learning and exam.

Your Sea Safety & Survival Certificate will be issued on the completion date of the practical wet drills, and by the accredited Australian Sailing centre you completed the wet drills with. Your wet drills are seperate to this course and are paid for directly with the centre you complete them with.

A current list of Wet Drills being run in Australia is available from within the course and via this link.

"They are not only great teachers who are passionate about their subject, but have clearly thought about what works, what doesn't and how to do things better and safer. Really helps you think about how to organise and manage your own boat and crew"
David Hirsch
The Investment

Online e-Learning Course & Theory Exam



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Above & Beyond Boating is an accredited Australian Sailing centre, and this e-Learning course is recognised as part of the SSSC program.

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