VHF Radio Online Course
Effective communication at sea in a modern environment.
"The online training, the provision of course materials and the regular communication from ABB was very professional"
 - Bruce & Anne Grey
About the course
Our Online Radio Course allows you to learn everything you need to know about using VHF Radios, at your own pace and whenever you like. At the end of this course, you will know how to call for help in an emergency, communicate with other vessels at sea, and understand how to use various safety equipment you may have onboard. 
After you have enrolled, we will send your login details and a VHF Operators Handbook. 
The course takes around 4 hours to complete.
On completion of the course, you will have the opportunity to complete an exam and get your VHF Radio Licence. This will also allow you to apply for an MMSI number for your vessel. 
What will I learn?
Marine VHF uses & how to communicate at sea
VHF Repeater Stations and distress, urgency & safety signals
How to use EPIRBs and SARTS
Using DSC enabled radios & Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)
Power supplies
Get your VHF Radio Licence!
To get your VHF Radio Licence, you must complete an exam. There are two parts to the exam. The first component is a theory test with 25 multiple choice questions. The required mark to pass is 70%. The other component is a short and simple practical assessment where you need to demonstrate the basic operation of a VHF Radio, and you will also be assessed on your ability to perform a radio check and how you would call for help.
You can either schedule an exam time with us at our office in Sydney, or you can choose to complete your exam at another centre. 
If you choose to complete your radio examination with us, then you can book in an exam time using our online calendar. 
On sitting and passing the exam, you will be issued with a Short Range Operators Certificate of Proficiency - SROCP (formerly MROVCP) from the Office of Maritime Communications (O.M.C.).
Your certificate does not expire. The certificate fee is $89 (as of January 2018), which is payable directly to the O.M.C. when you sit your exam.
The Investment
Access is to the course is open for 12-months from completing the registration. If life gets too busy and you need more time, you have an option to pause your course for up to 6-months and then continue when you have more time. 
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