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Putting the "Why" into weather predictions

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There are considerable resources available to boaters today when it comes to sourcing accurate weather forecasts.

With all of the various apps, websites and reports of weather predictions available, it can be very easy to lose understanding of why weather conditions change and what you should expect in specific conditions.

Take a look at how you can analyse weather predictions accurately and quickly.

Watch the video podcast below.

Kylie enrolled in and studied a number of our self paced e-learning courses as part of the research and preparation process for purchasing a boat and embarking on an extended liveaboard cruising adventure.

As a couple managing the boat and ocean crossings together, Kylie wanted to ensure she was comfortable with all aspects of the boat management, passage planning and implementation. Kylie and Nico are currently cruising on their boat in the Pacific Region and having a fantastic time.
"I completed AABB's Online Skipper, Online VHF Radio & RYA/MCA Day Skipper Courses over the past year or so and have found the course units thorough, super informative and easy to work through. Any questions along the way I have been able to ask and have received super fast responses from Neil. Bonus has been being able to complete it at my own pace and finish it between work/kids...The AABB's course has given me the confidence and reiterated the knowledge needed to get out there and live the boating dream- which I must say is just fabulous and I'd encourage anyone inclined to simply do it, you wont regret it- the boating community is welcoming, helpful and supportive- just like Neil and the AABB team!"
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Kylie Stingel
The Blue Water Skipper Course is a comprehensive online learning experience that will advance your pathway to becoming a confident and proficient skipper. The course will give you the skills and knowledge to take your boat on passages in a safe and enjoyable way. 
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